Small Businesses are the backbone of our local and national economies.  They provide the quality jobs our residents need to provide for themselves and their families, as well as sustain our standard of living.  As a longtime business leader and job creator, I profoundly appreciate the tremendous challenges that small businesses face to keep their doors open, create and maintain new jobs, and comply with government regulations.

Aside from tackling the grave transportation and affordability crises we’re facing, my highest priority will be to work closely with my colleagues on the dais, as well as with local, state, and federal economic development organizations and institutions to create the economic environment necessary to lure small and large businesses to Miami-Dade County and help them create the required, high paying jobs our residents need to survive and thrive.

They say – “Time is Money,” and for a small business owner and investor, it is an ever-present reality.  Therefore, I will sponsor legislation to eliminate unnecessary and burdensome County regulations that delay the opening of new business ventures and streamline the County’s permitting process for new businesses to open their doors to the public at a much faster rate.

I will propose legislation, with the cooperation of Miami-Dade County Public Schools and the Florida Department of Education, intended to expand current vocational education and training programs throughout Miami-Dade County so that young people who are eager to begin fruitful careers, may do so without having to spend years in the classroom and incur thousands of dollars in student debt.

The County’s “Mom & Pop” Small Business Grant Program has been one of our community’s most successful programs in not only helping local businesses that are struggling and near closure, but in many instances, expand their operations and creating much-needed jobs.  I will sponsor legislation intended to extend this most valuable program so that many more businesses in need may benefit from this most beneficial annual program.