The County collected over Three Billion Dollars of taxpayer money earmarked for Public Transportation after the voters approved the half-cent sales tax in 2003.  Our County Government has FAILED to deliver on an improved transportation infrastructure and instead, used the money for everything except the purpose intended.  South Dade’s continued growth and development was supposed to get a Metrorail expansion or implementation of Light Rail from Dadeland to Florida City but instead has nothing to show for the $3 Billion collected and instead, we have traffic gridlock everywhere during rush hour.

Simply put, our local leaders and administrators have over promised, under-delivered, and played politics with one of the most pressing and infuriating issues affecting our quality of life in Southern Miami-Dade – the County’s urgent need for transportation solutions.

I will sponsor legislation

  1. To provide short-term solutions to South Dade’s traffic problem by creating 50,000 jobs in the southern portion of District 8 just north of the Air-Force base within 5 years including moving thousands of county jobs from downtown and the north to District 8: The “New Frontier”
  2. Stop incenting businesses to locate in the downtown area and northern portion of Dade County and instead create incentives to locate into the New Frontier sectors.
  3. Provide Incentives for a super high-tech corridor in the New Frontier area that will attract technology companies worldwide to move to this area. This will include the re-mission of some of the Dade County economic development organizations.
  4. Directing the new Mayor and his/her county administrators to conduct a thorough and forensic audit of the billions of dollars collected by the half-penny sales tax, and report to the full Commission, and the general public, on where and how the money was spent and misappropriated.
  5. Propose legislation placing a moratorium on any future spending on transportation until the Commission recognizes and prioritizes the most acute traffic-congested corridors in Miami-Dade County, and makes specific appropriations to address the best mass transit solutions for the identified corridors.
  6. Sponsor legislation demanding that any mass transit solutions recommended by the Commission for Southern and Western Miami-Dade include rail as one of the components to alleviate traffic congestion in this vast area of the County.
  7. Propose legislation suspending the collection of any future tolls administered by the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) until such time as a thorough audit of its past expenditures is completed and reported to the full Commission for review and recommendations made on where future toll money is to be spent. We will put an end to the “nickel and diming” our commuters for political welfare and lining the pockets of developers and lobbyists.