Every single day, Miami-Dade residents work hard to improve their lives and provide for their families.  However, over several years, the cost of living in Miami-Dade has become increasingly unsustainable for hundreds of thousands of our residents.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS), the median household income for Miami-Dade County was $49,930 in 2017, $2,664 lower than the median Florida household income, and $10,406 less than the U.S. average, forcing many of our residents to move out of the County they love to more affordable communities in northern Florida.  More disturbingly, a recent Purdue University Study disclosed that to achieve “emotional well-being” while living in Miami-Dade, one must earn between $82,260 to $102,825 per year.  This affordability crisis is the result of a lack of; quality jobs, high paying jobs, years of stagnant wages, and a failure of vision and leadership in County Hall to adequately address our residents’ needs.

As Commissioner, I will bring my many years of expertise in the private and public sectors and work closely with our community’s numerous economic development organizations and institutions to proactively urge small and large businesses around Florida and the United States, to establish or relocate their operations to the many communities that make up our County.

Propose legislation that significantly increases the amount of dollars the County invests in its Affordable Housing Trust Fund, making it easier for the County to release funds to eligible developers for the exclusive purpose of building affordable housing projects to low and middle-income families.

Propose legislation that establishes a County fund for the sole purpose of disbursing rental assistance to pre-screened and qualified fixed-income elderly and low-income residents to offset rising rental rates on their homes.

Urge our development community to invest more of their dollars into building additional workforce housing for all first responders so they may live in comfortable and affordable homes.