We, South Floridians, have the fortune to live in one of the world’s most idyllic tropical locales.  Miami-Dade enjoys a lush, subtropical climate, year-round sunshine, world-famous beaches, as well as thousands of acres dedicated to municipal parks and open spaces, not to mention The Everglades and Biscayne National Parks and ecological sanctuaries.  In short, it has been said that – “we live in Paradise”, however, in recent years, we have all begun to experience the adverse effects of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise.  Climate Change and Sea Level Rise are now threatening our precious coast lines, our environment, our ecology, and ultimately our very own way of life.  The threat is real and must be dealt with as a top priority of the County Commission.

I will sponsor legislation incentivizing the private and public sectors to adopt more comprehensive practices that would reduce our individual and combined carbon footprint, expand recycling programs, and allow the consumer to make their homes and places of business more environmentally friendly while saving thousands of dollars each year in energy costs.  I have a proven track record of legislation in Palmetto Bay over the last 8 years to help do exactly that, however, as your County Commissioner, a great deal more can be and must be done by the County.

One of the most significant sources of pollution and CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere comes from the countless number of automobiles that are on our roads, and the lack of environmentally friendly transportation alternatives available to the public.  The faster we get serious and solve our transportation crisis and adopt mass transit solutions, the better our overall environment will be, and the threat of climate change be significantly reduced.

As Commission District 8 is a coastal district, I will partner with the County’s Chief Resilience Officer, along with the mayors and local leaders of all District 8 municipalities and work to implement and enhance the County’s Sea Level Rise Strategy project which identifies and develops financially-feasible mitigation and adaptation strategies to prepare for sea-level rise and beach erosion caused by severe coastal storms.

I will also sponsor legislation that expands our parks system, allowing for more open spaces and increasing our “Tree Canopy” not only in Southern Miami-Dade but throughout the County.