About John Dubois

About John Dubois
Born in Miami Beach at Mount Sinai Hospital, John Dubois grew up in Plantation, FL. Both of John’s parents, who passed away many years ago, instilled great ethics and character, which have served as a moral compass throughout his life.

From 1997 to 2001, John attended Boston University, where he studied Economics and found his true calling – to be an entrepreneur. While in college, he began investing in real estate and worked on internet startups during the tech revolution era. John moved to Miami Beach in 2002, where he continued his real estate career in the city of his birth, which he cherishes so much. In his free time, John has always loved the arts, sports, yoga and all types of fitness activities.

As a longtime resident, John knows Miami Beach’s neighborhoods very well, having resided on Ocean Drive, West Avenue, South of 5th Street, Flamingo Park and now North Beach. This experience has given John local knowledge and a genuine feel for resident’s concerns and each neighborhood’s needs.

John is a well-regarded professional businessman. He has worked as a consultant for investment funds, and currently owns many Miami Beach condominiums and other commercial ventures in South Florida. In 2016, he decided to wind down his full-time real estate career to become a Miami Beach community activist. For the past three years, John has attended City Commission meetings, breakfast clubs, neighborhood association meetings, and has educated residents about how Miami Beach government actually functions and impacts their lives.

Serving the public and Miami Beach residents has become John’s passion, and one that he looks forward to every day. This year, John has decided to run for Miami Beach City Commission. The culmination of many years of hard work and learning all aspects of local government has allowed John to challenge a well-funded, politically-connected incumbent.

John Dubois is ready to lead Miami Beach into the future!

Cohen’s Platform

A Positive Change for Residents

  • John will implement an agenda focused on the residents.
  • Safer and cleaner neighborhoods revolved around community policing and a proactive vs reactive philosophy.
  • Challenge the City Manager to fix the permit process to help residents, small businesses, and improve local economy.

Fiscally Responsible City Government

  • Streamline the city’s budget and eliminate waste
  • Bring fiscal discipline and responsibility – past four years have seen to many scandals.
  • The City has had two consecutive budget shortages – it’s time to implement sensible long-term planning.

Combat Sea Rise Responsibly

  • Listen to all experts, not just a select few, on plans best for Miami Beach.
  • Remove the politics and work with state and federal government for additional funding.
  • Help homeowners adapt to sea rise, not work against them!

Stop Overdevelopment – Enough Already!

  • Responsible development vs overdevelopment
  • Allow for sensible growth and community enhancement
  • Respect resident concerns and input – Stop siding with developers, as the current incumbent has done the past four years.

Local Education Partnership

  • Support City funding for schools to enhance existing School Board funding
  • Support both Miami Beach private and public schools – must have fairness for all.

Public Safety

  • Make certain that areas with high senior populations are adequately patrolled and protected
  • Ensure that the City's beaches have the proper number of life guard stands and guards

Campaign Resources

2019 Elections: General, November 5thRun-Off, November 19th

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